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Best courses in UK

  1. Business.
  2. Natural Sciences.
  3. Engineering and Technology.
  4. Medicine.
  5. Law.
  6. Social Sciences.
  7. Sports Science.
  8. Media and Communication.
  9. Fashion
  10. Arts & design

Best Courses to Study in UK in Business Domain

A business or management-related course involves planning, organising and controlling the business operations. It also includes finance, human resources management, marketing and many other fields that play a vital role to seamlessly run business operations.

The most popular business degrees in UK are Business Administration, Economics, Finance and Management, International Business, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship.

These courses have a global demand, and most employers prefer graduates with international degrees. A majority of international students wish to take up a business degree in UK owing to the academic excellence of business schools.

The average salary for a business graduate is €24,000.

Best Courses to Study in UK in Natural Sciences Domain

For students fond of physics, chemistry or biology, natural sciences are one of the best courses to study in UK. Natural sciences have a wide range of courses combining the elements of earth sciences, mathematics, statistics, and technology. The popular courses in natural sciences are Biology, Marine Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, Earth Science.

Most universities in UK offer natural science courses with cutting edge research facilities and practical training enabling students to get a stronghold on Earth materials characteristics.

The starting average salary for a Natural Science graduate is between €24,000 and 26,000.

Best Courses to Study in UK in Engineering Domain

Our everyday lives revolve around machines that help us work either faster or better.

Engineering studies the mechanism of machines to improve their efficiency. The popular courses in engineering are Chemical Engineering, Aeronautics, Bioengineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Information Technology,  Automobile, Design Engineering, Advanced Materials, Computer Science and manufacturing.

The Engineering and technology universities in UK are amongst the best in the world. With a research based course curriculum, universities equip students with the knowledge and skills required to innovate and make the best out of available natural resources.

The average starting salary for Engineering and technology graduates is €25,000.

Best Courses to Study in UK in Medicine Domain

A degree in medical science studies the diagnosis and treatments of disorders and diseases. It also deals with surgeries to aid the treatment of multiple health problems in the human body. A career in medicine is very rewarding because of its life-saving nature. The most popular medicine-related degrees are Surgery, dentistry, Molecular Medicine, Veterinary Surgery, nursing, Psychotherapy, Biomedicine, Pharmacy, Medical Biotechnology and  Paramedical Science.

Medicine is one of the most sought after courses in UK. The universities in the UK are known for their unique methodologies in teaching medicinal courses.

The average salary is between  €25,000 –  €35,000.

Best Courses to Study in UK in Law Domain

Law is a course that studies the interpretation, explanation and application of the law principles. The skills required to practice law can be acquired only through a degree course.

The UK is the home to some of the oldest universities that offer law courses. Some of the popular law courses are Bachelor of Law, criminology and Law, Master of Laws, Civil Law, International Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice.

The average starting salary for a law graduate is €20,000- €25,000.

Best Courses to Study in UK in Social Sciences Domain

Social Sciences courses help study society and its relationship with the individuals in it. Some of the popular courses in social sciences are Psychology, Political Science, History, Linguistics, Anthropology, and History. Graduating from any of these courses will allow students to explore a career of their choice that brings a positive impact in their life.

Social science degrees from the UK are sought after owing to modern education facilities and the quality of education.

The starting average salary for a social science graduate is €20,000.

Best Courses to Study in UK in Sports Science Domain

Sports science courses are highly popular in UK. The demand for these professionals has increased massively in the past few years as it creates opportunities to work with sportspersons/athletes who are performing better and are renowned globally. The popular courses in Sports Science are Sports and Exercise Sciences, Sports Science and Physiology, Sport & Exercise Nutrition, clinical and cardiac science as well as physiotherapy.

The UK offers a lot of options to those interested in the field. The universities in UK include guest lectures as a part of their curriculum to bring highly paid sports science professionals to take lectures.

The average starting salary for a sports science graduate is €20,000.

Best Courses to Study in UK in Media and Communication Domain 

Media and communication courses study the practical, theoretical and technical aspects of the media field. It gives a deep understanding of the media industry. It studies linguistics, cultures, photo editing, radio production and end to end operations from planning, pre-production to post-production.

The most popular courses in media and communication are Journalism, Film & TV Studies, Screenwriting, Digital Media. The UK is the home to many television and film companies making it an apt destination for international students wanting to enrol in a creative course.

The average salary for a graduate from media and communications is €18,000.

Best Courses to Study in UK in Fashion Domain

For students interested in designing and styling clothing and accessories, a  degree in the fashion domain is a good option. The fashion courses allow you to study various aspects of fashion designing, such as research, design, and material analyses. The popular fashion-related courses are fashion design, fashion textiles, fashion communication, fashion promotion, fashion styling, fashion photography, fashion journalism and fashions management.

Studying a fashion course in UK is the best way to attain practical experience in the fashion sector. Students can gain knowledge from the industry experts right from the first year’s curriculum. Students may also get the opportunity to design their own products. Besides, many fashion events in UK act as a platform to explore and expose students’ skills. Fashion students in the UK can witness the trends in the market and have access to Milan and Paris (events).

The average salary for a fashion graduate is €26,000.

Best Courses to Study in UK in Arts & Design

Arts and design courses are prevalent among international students. Students gain a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge while pursuing the arts and allied courses. Arts and design courses study sculpture, printing, painting, photography, and digital media. The popular courses are fine arts, painting, fashion designs and photography.